July 13, 2011

Galstar summer sale or campaign?

so lately everything has been really quiet or should i say boring ( which is just plain sad T-T urgh), i am supose to write a bunch of angry letters to a bunch of people, who didn't do their job properly and f*cked up bad(because they only think of Money!!). Which meant that i had to pay the price, because of their failure >_<  but nevertheless i got tons of evidence against them,( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ mean mode= off

well back to the point! other then doing nothing, i have been roaming rakuten and discovered that Galstar had reduced their prices to a crazy low amount!!!!( ゚д゚) 
in the spring time, they had a campaign called GALSTAR X Ribbon Project: Gyaru Earthquake Relief running for a timeperiod, which meant that a  portion of sales on discounted items at the GALSTAR website  and rakuten would be donated to the Japanese Red Cross.
However i am not sure if they still donated some of the money to red cross, those will must likely have a "keep alive, Need help" tag on them.
But visted their Rakuten website to so, because they have some awesome offers!!!Galstar store

For those of you who don't know Galstar is an Shibuya 109-style brand whose clothing is featured regularly in magazines such as nuts and BLENDA

now i will stop writing because my index finger hurts, i scolded it in HOT water and the most unbelieveable thing happen, i got a bursted blood vessel afterwards. a big one, so now i can't use my finger 
bye bye

July 6, 2011

niece birthday and vanilla custard recipe(pic heavy)

Hey everyone ;)

Saturday was my little niece birthday(she turned 3 years old ), so we held a very small birthday party at my house, which she was very excited about sinces she loves coming to my house. 
so we prepared a torte(lagkage in danish) and some buns - it is a tradition in Denmark to eat a torte and some buns on ones birthday, altough its different from place to place - i was in charge of making the torte, because i love making desserts, especially cakes.
so i decide that it should be a cake with different fruits, vanilla custard and whipped vanilla cream.

for the cake i used:
a 3 layered cake(premade, didn't havee the time to make one myself)
125 g  blueberries
2-3 bananas(sliced into circles)
a handful strawberries(for decoration, sliced)
vanilla custard(the recipe, will be further down)
2-3 dl double cream
tsp vanilla sugar

sorry if it all seems messy, trying to remember what i actually did and put in the cake, haha.
there won't be a pic of the first layer, sinces i forgot to take a picture of it( apparently i was zoming out)
but in the first layer i put vanilla custard and sliced bananas on top of it, did the same on the second layer, however it was with blueberries( see pic)

blueberry love, hehe. they were very good and cheap,
they are usually expensive in Denmark, but not this
time, so i had to buy them

and then....i was all out of custard(to my mothers big complaint, she wanted some extra to put on her piece) well back to the recipe, take out your double cream, put it in a bowl, put a tsp vanilla sugar and whisk until it has the thickness, that you like. btw:i like mine lightly whisked.
 cut out your strawberries into slices and pat them gently with kitchen papir(to prevent the strawberry juice from ruining the whipped cream)

put the whipped cream on the top layer and smear it out on the top, and along the sides. so it will look like this

yummy strawberries from our garden

then for the vanilla custard(vanilije creme in danish, lidt a la kagecreme)
200 ml double cream(piskefløde in danish)
300 ml milk( i used semi-skimmed, but you can use whole milk or what you like)
3 egg yolks
70 g sukker
1 vanilla pod

mix the cream and milk together and put in a saucepan. split the vanilla pod and scrappe out the seeds or what you call it( the black stuff) , then put it in the milk mixture along with the splitted pod.
set the heat to medium, when it boils remove from stove. the put the egg yolks in to a bowl with the sugar and whisk until it is white-ish and fluffy. remove the vanilla pods from the milk mixture and pour it into the egg mass, whisk lightly and then pour it into a clean saucepan. set the stove to low and whisk while it slowly thickens. when it has become the thickness you desire, put it in a jar or tupperware and let it cool down, this will make it thicken even more(pics below)

 the first two are of the milk mixture with vanilla in it

 egg yolks and sugar not mixed together yet
 egg mixture, whisked into a fluffy and white-ish color
 the egg mixture and milk mixture put together  and heated.
close-up picture, which is being a b*tch 

all in all it turned out good, everyone was happy with the result, eventhough my niece was much more interessed in the presents(who could blame her). we gave her two dvds, some dolls and two sets of play dough, which she really liked. i played with her later that day and she was really funny(quite intelligent for a 3 year old).
we had the play dough on a table outside in the garden and when my mother came up to asked what we were doing,she was like.
My mother: hey what are you making, nariko(my nieces name)
Nariko:shhh grandma, you can't play with us, only mille(me) and me can!
my mother: i can't play with you guys? don't worry i won't interrupt.
Nariko: no grandma can't play, only mille.
which i of course thought was sweet, but anyways her are some pic of our creative work, hehe XD

  BTW: the ameba layout css guide my take a little while longer than expected, ran into some problems, that needs to be fix!

see ya all later

June 30, 2011

coming soon : ameba css layout guide

Hi everybody
just a short post, today ;) about ameba and stuff...
so after spending several days trying to figure out how to configure the css in ameba- to my big frustrationヽ(o`皿′o)ノ - i finally figured out or half figured it out how to customize ones own layout   { victory!! \(´▽`)/ } so i thought i would share it with you and make a guide for you guys! and i am going to say this right away, i am a beginner at css and using ameba, so don't blame if anything goes wrong! just saying, hehe :D

BTW: it will be out probably this weekend
see you later

June 27, 2011


So the last couple of months i haven't really blogged anything for various reason. Mainly beacuse i have been busy and tired with school (-_-) and annoyed with my sucky skillz at HTML, CCS etc. The blog layout before and now, i am really dissatisfied with it. But i am just going to suck it up and work on my skillz :D  after all it is summer vacation キタワァ*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・゜(n‘∀‘)η゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* !!!!!  Finally
i am also working on my ameba blog, a little bit of the same problem, but nevertheless. so i will post a link to it when i get it up and running properly.

Btw: i will try to post some of the things i promised

March 28, 2011

Favorite Danish Magazine

In totally random order
Mad og bolig
Bo bedre
i really like these magazine because they have good content and are interesting to read. they cover every aspect of my addictions: fashion, make-up, food, interior

 Sorry for the bad quality, my scanner doesn't work at the moment. my camera and my computer has its own will, so crappy pic and they didn't want to rotate haha

March 27, 2011

Random blablabla time

Not much is happening lately, only a lot of homework which has to be finished the 1. April. 

Or else i(and other students) will loose our SU, because my school have made some new

regulation, without bothering to tell anybody >-<  its really stressful to think about and lately i haven't been practicing my japanese so much especially new kanji and new vulcabulary, but it is always 
 something that i am good at grammatical conjugation and generally remembering stuff haha :D

speaking of japanese, Tuesday i will post two なべ(hotpots) recipes from a book of mine, the first one will be すき焼き(sukiyaki) and the second one しゃぶしゃぶ(shabu shabu)

March 25, 2011

The fun world of batsu games

( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
But maybe not so fun for those who are getting punished XD

you probably already figured out that i love them.........a lot ヽ(´▽`)/
 Most  famous japanese batsu game show is  from Downtown no gaki no tsukai ya arahende(ダウンタウンのガキの使いやあらへんで!!) done by Downtown duo Hamada and Mastumoto, Cocorico duo Endo and Tanaka, and last Yamasaki.

These 5 people are my absolute favorite japanese comedians. They are so amusing and their reactions are just great.
Here is a Fabulous site for watching them www.crazyontv.com
Enjoy ^^

March 23, 2011

April's to do list

Even though there are only eight days to April, i decide to show you my upcoming to do list. although its not complete.

1: buy MAC's black fluidline or bobbi brown's

2: order some circle lenses for the first time(if you know any good places, please do tell)

3: gong to a birthday party

4: buy a bottle of tequila or rum( needed for the birthday party)

5: possibly going to see the 69 eyes at the rock 14th( so if anyone wants to join me, please do so) .

6: hanging out with friends

7: get a lip piercing

it sounds like it is going to hit my wallet pretty hard, haha XD

Sun is the best medication againts winter blues

Today i went in semi crazy poetic mode, thats what sunlight does to you ʘ‿ʘ .
For one i am tired of looking at snow, i don't dislike snow( fact i like snow) but this is to much snow. I want green stuff, lots of green struff everywhere, and i found it. Trees are starting to grow buds and there are wild daffodils, crocus etc. Just Look at my buddy below a common snowdrop(almindelig vintergæk)
sorry for the crappy pic, apparently my phone sucks.

I now realize that this post is super random... haha

March 19, 2011

Struck by Bad Luck

My luck has been bad lately T_T trouble with SU, DSB and school. So i was looking forward to a nice and quiet weekend, friday after school: sleeping, internet and watching tv.
Saturday: studying with Dina( Got rescheduled) cleaning, supposed to look on homework and working on the computer. 
Sunday: posting things here, homework and probably something else.

the glass in one side of my Gucci glasses cracked yesterday, in the most unbelievable way!
So friday after i got home from a endless religion class, i decide to take a nap to boost up my energy. so when i am in my room, the glasses are on my windowsill and i hit the sack. 30 min later i hear a loud bang and sort of a cracking noise, i thought to myself "argh one of my dum birds probably knocked somthing down" and i was right! when i get up, i walk to the windowsill and looks at the floor, finding my glasses upside down and a crack (>_<) 
it turns out that one of them pushed the glasses of the windowsill.

so now i have to spend a fortune on glass and buy some contact(typical me doesn't own a extra pair of glasses XD)

enough of my complaining